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Saves a gt table to a temporary png image file and uses magick to render tables in reproducible examples like reprex::reprex() or in package function examples (see details for further information).


gt_render_image(gt_tbl, ...)



An object of class gt_tbl usually created by gt::gt()


Arguments passed on to webshot2::webshot() and par().


Returns NULL invisibly.


Rendering gt tables in function examples is not trivial because of the behavior of an underlying dependency: chromote. It keeps a process running even if the chromote session is closed. Unfortunately, this causes R CMD Check errors related to open connections after example runs. The only way to avoid this is setting the environment variable _R_CHECK_CONNECTIONS_LEFT_OPEN_ to "true". How to do that depends on where and how developers check their package. A good way to prevent an example from being executed because the environment variable was not set can be taken from the source code of this function.


tbl <- gt::gt_preview(mtcars)