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Translate NFL team abbreviations into logos and wordmarks and render these images in html tables with the 'gt' package.


gt_nfl_logos(gt_object, columns, height = 30, locations = NULL)

gt_nfl_wordmarks(gt_object, columns, height = 30, locations = NULL)



A table object that is created using the gt::gt() function.


The columns for which the image translation should be applied. Argument has no effect if locations is not NULL.


The absolute height (px) of the image in the table cell.


If NULL (the default), the function will render logos/wordmarks in argument columns. Otherwise, the cell or set of cells to be associated with the team name transformation. Only the gt::cells_body(), gt::cells_stub(), gt::cells_column_labels(), and gt::cells_row_groups() helper functions can be used here. We can enclose several of these calls within a list() if we wish to make the transformation happen at different locations.


An object of class gt_tbl.

Output of below example

See also

The player headshot rendering function gt_nfl_headshots().

The article that describes how nflplotR works with the 'gt' package


# \donttest{
teams <- valid_team_names()
# remove conference logos from this example
teams <- teams[!teams %in% c("AFC", "NFC", "NFL")]
# create dataframe with all 32 team names
df <- data.frame(
  team_a = head(teams, 16),
  logo_a = head(teams, 16),
  wordmark_a = head(teams, 16),
  team_b = tail(teams, 16),
  logo_b = tail(teams, 16),
  wordmark_b = tail(teams, 16)
# create gt table and translate team names to logo/wordmark images
table <- df %>%
  gt() %>%
  gt_nfl_logos(columns = gt::starts_with("logo")) %>%
  gt_nfl_wordmarks(columns = gt::starts_with("wordmark"))
# }